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Show Off Your Business with Custom Embroidery in San Jose CA

Image of San Jose, CA Custom EmbroideryA well-balanced marketing campaign includes the use of promotional products to spread the word on the ground, in the real world. For businesses in San Jose, custom embroidery of logo shirts for employees, baseball caps, bags, and many other promotional items can be chosen to strategically target the demographics where potential customers are most likely to be found. The specific items and how they are shared may change with different situations.

In many ways, physical promotional products are better than web advertising. The best of them are useful – pens, clothing, umbrellas, calendars – so they serve a purpose, which makes a larger impact on your audience than even the most appealing ad might. As opposed to online, where ads can get lost in the visual clutter of the page, a physical item is more isolated, so it makes a larger impact on the viewer or user. It also makes it easy for a person to locate your contact information.

There are so many different kinds of promotional items available that it can be quite fun to choose from among them, if perhaps a bit daunting. To begin to narrow it down, think about how you will distribute the item and what end results you expect it to accomplish (for example, increasing the sales of a new product). Keep in mind what your target audience is like, whether they are your current customers, potential customers, or both.

In addition to targeting your customers, promotional items are also valuable in relations with employees. Logo garments for company employees is one of the most often used applications. Other items can be used for incentives or to commemorate company milestones.

Image of Embroidered Polo ShirtEmbroidered Workwear

Embroidered polo shirts are a top-selling style, because they look somewhat more professional than screen printed t-shirts, but are still casual enough for most environments. They’re just as comfortable, too. In San Jose custom embroidery services can also be used for uniform shirts and baseball caps.

When employees wear branded shirts, they’re more recognizable to customers. As they interact, customers will be reminded of your logo and company colors, making your business more memorable. In this sense, employee shirts can be considered a marketing tool.

Promotional Giveaways

Most promotional items are intended to be given away, with the goal of spreading the company’s name and contact info far and wide where potential customers will see it. Pens by the cash register, which customers can use to sign their credit card receipts and which they are encouraged to keep, are perhaps the most classic example of the promotional giveaway.

Image of promotional pensOne of the reasons pens are so ubiquitous is that they are inexpensive, but also highly effective as a marketing tool. Everyone needs pens. If you choose a pen which writes smoothly, doesn’t run out of ink quickly, and is comfortable to use, your pen could get lots of use and hence a lot of exposure.

Magnets, key chains, tote bags, and stress balls are some examples of other inexpensive products which are also useful. Calendars make a great year-end giveaway.

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop, you can still distribute free gifts to your customers by including them in packages. In fact, customers will appreciate the extra thought. You might have special free gifts that are included with the first order, or the tenth, or when a certain amount is spent. Customers love these little treats and will tell their friends.

Trade shows, conventions, and community events are great places to distribute promotional products. For these events, your selected promotional items should be something a bit more elaborate than just a pen or magnet. Mugs are a good inexpensive solution. You can even stuff the mug with a pen, a note pad, and a stress ball for a giveaway that’s sure to be appreciated.

Selling Promotional Items

Many businesses also sell their logo items, including clothing and hats, drink ware, and keychains. They should be priced affordably, since they are marketing your brand, and that should be enough of a profit for you. Avoid the temptation to use your branded gear as a money-making strategy. If selling items doesn’t seem to fit with your mission, then skip it and focus your energies elsewhere.

Shirts are a very popular promotional item for selling. T-shirts with logo designs are the most common promotional item sold by businesses, followed by drink ware. These are the items which customers are most likely to choose as a souvenir of their shopping or dining experience.

Finding Custom Products

There are many companies which sell custom branded items. You will find that you are most satisfied if you work with a company that is local to you. You won’t have to deal with time zones when prompt communication is critical, and you won’t have any shipping delays to contend with. It will also be a simple matter for you to examine the quality of the products before you buy.

Quality, in fact, should be your primary concern. Even though you’ll be giving items away, your customers will be disappointed (and it will reflect on you) if their pens skip or if their tote bag ravels at the seams. As a rule of thumb, if it’s something you wouldn’t use, don’t expect your target audience to do so.

Other areas to evaluate as you are looking at companies for your promotional needs are fees, including set-up fees for your logo, minimum orders, and bulk rates. Ask questions to make sure that you understand clearly what all the charges are that you will be expected to pay. Bring a copy of your logo so that the in-house design and consulting staff can give you detailed feedback.

In San Jose, custom embroidery services produce quality employee uniforms, whether as men’s polo shirts, women’s polo shirts, or work shirts. You can also create commemorative products, tradeshow giveaways, and other promotional items. Promotional items are advertising materials that get your logo and company information in front of real people. They make you memorable, and your contact info easy to find.

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