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Impressive Statistics Behind Promotional Items

Many businesses and companies use promotional products for several purposes. They are a good will gesture towards those who receive them, a "thank you" of sorts for being a customer. The products are also a reminder of the company who gives away these products, since their logo, name, or brand name will be imprinted on them. Other information can also be included, such as a company phone number, website address, and physical address. The give- away items can be a way of reaching new customers, too. Many people are willing to try something new when they receive something extra in return. Brand or company awareness is increased, offering much advertising potential from the use of promotional items. But what about promotional merchandise that consists of clothing, such as logo shirts, or dress shirts with logos, or even logo embroidered hats and caps and matching jackets with a logo? How can a company benefit by investing in these kinds of promotional products?

A company that invests in promotional shirts finds it a great way to advertise their company. From stylish corporate designed shirts, to casual tee shirts with a company's logo embroidered or imprinted on them, logo shirts are a worthwhile investment for any company. Logo shirts, such as tee shirts, can be used for company sports teams. For certain events, such as trade shows or conventions, when corporate members wear company embroidered polo shirts their business is seen by all who attend. Logo shirts can be ordered from many businesses who deal specifically in promotional items, especially logo apparel. They can be ordered for both men and women, in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can choose your own design and artwork for the apparel, in addition to having your logo screen printed or embroidered on. Any of the shirts available can make great business gifts, too. People who receive these items have gifts have a more positive image of the company. Eco-friendly promotional products can be found, too, with all cotton logo shirts and other environmentally friendly apparel - a plus for a company that wants to go green.

Another advantage a company has in using promotional shirts with a logo is in identifying it's staff at various events. Your guests will easily be able to find those who can help them when staff members are wearing logo shirts. Stick on labels can easily fall off clothing after a short while; an embroidered logo will not. Promotional polo shirts give employees a uniform look, making it easier to identify them as your company's employees. Businesses such as restaurants that have chains in several states can have a uniform appearance for their employees. Whether a business is part of a chain or not, by it's employees wearing company logo shirts, they are easily identified as being part of the business. Custom polo shirts, either custom embroidered or screen printed, are a viable alternative to a full uniform. They can help form loyal, hardworking employees who take pride not only in the company they work for, but in being identified with it through their logo shirts. When you have workers who are happy, and take pride in their work, it helps your business as customers return again and again.

If members of your company work off site, it's important they be identified as members of your company. Any of your staff who work directly outside the building or throughout the company building need to be recognized, often for security purposes. For example, groundskeepers and maintenance workers can be identified as belonging to your company by the logo shirts worn. A brand image can be created for your service by your staff wearing logo polo shirts or other style logo shirts. It also becomes good publicity for your business when your logo is seen outside by others as your staff are on their way to work or off site jobs. Where ever your business operates, no matter if dealing directly with a customer, by having employees wear logo embroidered uniforms, your company is seen and noticed by others who may all be potential customers or users of your products. The look of your staff is professional, people of service, compared to those who work for a company and wear plain, unadorned with logo, shirts.

Golf shirts with the company logo are another plus, especially for those corporate workers who play golf. These shirts become a marketing tool even on the golf course. Playing golf is relaxing for many corporate workers, and out on the golf field, wearing golf shirts with logo, one has a perfect opportunity in a much less stressful atmosphere to promote a business or company product. Networking occasions abound on the golf course, from meeting potential investors to future corporate sponsors or customers. Also, the employee wearing the golf logo shirt feels like an integral part of your company, taking pride in his or her appearance and company affiliation. The logo on the shirt may inspire some spirited conversation between your employees and potential customers, making it advantageous to wear golf shirts with logo. Golf as recreation has an upper-scale reputation, meaning basically those who are somewhat financially well off tend to play on a regular basis. With our back and forth economy today, along with tighter budgets, using an item such as a golf shirt with logo for this twofold purpose makes sense financially. Employees have a golf shirt to wear on the golf course, and it becomes an advertising and marketing tool at the same time. The game of golf is even considered a business skill, and some business colleges and universities teach it as part of the business curriculum. There are also corporate golf schools for business executives where one can learn to cement business deals through the use of golf. Relationships are forged on the playing course, as well as in the club room after the game. The hours spent golfing and wearing promotional shirts are hours spent advertising in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The same is true for any apparel with a company logo on it. While serving as apparel, it also serves as an advertisement, enhancing company and product awareness to all those who come in contact with the employees wearing the items. Dress shirts with logo, worn by corporate members and other staff, help provide a neat, sharp appearance. Plus, promotional items that can be worn become walking billboards for your company or product. This is done in an impressive form when one wears dress shirts with logo. Dress shirts can be ordered that are wrinkle resistant, another aspect in their favor. Junior executives, or marketing and advertising agents, all look sharp and professional wearing these or the traditional oxford style dress logo shirts. Other popular styles of dress shirts are the poplin and twill dress shirts. You will want to include women's dress shirts as well. These can be found in the same materials as the men's dress shirts, only cut and styled for women, adding a feminine touch. An embroidered logo sets your company's dress shirts apart. and gives your employees a very prestigious look.

Other apparel that can be custom designed with a company's logo include items such as logo embroidered hats, caps, and scarves, jackets with logo, and fleece with logo. Jackets with a company's logo are essential items, especially for employees who provide services off site or company groundskeepers who work outdoors in the areas surrounding a company's headquarters or store. When temperatures start dropping, even for employees who drive in heated vehicles to a work destination, rather then having them covering up a company's logo on a work shirt with their own jackets, give them jackets with a logo instead. This offers the same benefits as wearing a shirt with logo when the weather is cooler.

Promotional fleece apparel also provides the obvious benefits of keeping staff warm, in addition to promoting a company. It can be incorporated in to employees' wardrobes easily, and is less expensive and irritating to the skin than wool. While worn in the gym, or on company errands, promotional fleece apparel is beneficial for employee warmth, comfort, and style, as well as being another form of advertising. Today's micro fleece fabrics, created by using recycled plastic bottles and other materials, is also ecology friendly, which can assist in a company's portrayal as environmentally friendly and green.

Logo embroidered hats, caps, and even scarves, serve the same warm benefits as do fleece and jackets with logos. These also make practical and valued gifts for company guests or employees. Hats and caps with company logo can also be used as part of a company sports team uniform. Custom caps and hats also promote brand awareness. One reason hats or caps are such useful promotional items is their year round appeal - they can be worn in all seasons. Hats can fit just about anybody, and are not as quick to wear out as thinner apparel.

Promotional apparel can also be sold, or used as prizes at festivals to help promote your company. Animal rescue organizations, for example, might sell logo shirts, jackets, or fleece wear in order to raise money for their causes. Other volunteer organizations may do the same. For those who purchase these items, it is a way to show their support for the cause. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a volunteer organization's logo on it shows the world someone cares about this cause, and it also advertises it to others. In return, the money made from selling these promotional items can be used for whatever cause is being promoted.

When everyone in a company, business, or some other organization wears apparel with the same logo on it, they know they stand together in the same business. Apparel with promotional logo can also be purchased for children, who can wear the promotional items to company family events, such as picnics or hiking trips. Whether logo apparel is used for employees, staff members, potential customers, or ongoing clients, giving apparel related promotional merchandise is good advertising, a strategic marketing device, and creates all around good will towards those on the receiving end and the business whose logo appears on the items. r

In addition to apparel, there are plenty of other promotional items that companies and businesses use to attract new customers and keep current ones. Any of the following promotional accessories can serve as a great advertising and marketing tool. It doesn't take a genius to realize that promotional accessories that offer every day use will increase product awareness more than a magazine ad or billboard will. Promotional products that can be put to good use, and used frequently, help to reinforce a company name and also connect the company to usefulness. Some promotional products are shared in offices and homes, increasing brand or company awareness in a far reaching manner. From trade show giveaways, to free promotional merchandise attached to a product being purchased, these logo imprinted items show customers you are willing to give a bit extra to get and keep their business. Just about any useful item makes a great promotional item. From simple pens and key chains, to coffee mugs with a corporate logo imprinted, even promotional watches and accessories can be used by somebody who will see your logo on the item.

Take promotional pens, for example. Who can't use a pen? Even in this age of technology where most written communication is done via email and text messages, we still need to sign our names to documents, and jot down quick notes. Having a pen handy is a must for most people. In addition to being relatively inexpensive to purchase in bulk, promotional pens tend to be items taken when left as giveaways. A hotel, for example, that leaves pen and paper in guest rooms, with it's logo on the pens, will always be replacing them after a guest leaves because that is an item a guest will take home. Every time that pen is used once the guest is back at his or her home, the hotel name will be seen and remembered. There's a good chance the next time this person is in the area, he or she will once again stay at the hotel that was easy to remember. By ordering promotional pens for your business, your employees have those pens to use at work, reinforcing the company image, which in turn unifies employees with the company.

What about items such as promotional watches and clocks? How can these items benefit a company? For clocks, they can be used in various offices or places of business. Every time an employee or customer glances at the clock to check the time, the company image is seen and promoted. Offering promotional clocks or watches is a good way to get visitors to stop by your booth at a trade show. For something a bit more valuable as these items, the idea is to make people "work" a bit towards getting them, by having them listen to your little presentation first. Then, they can be rewarded with a promotional item such as this.

Promotional golf items make great gifts for business associates and customers. If your corporation is hosting a golf tournament for charity purposes, it's a great opportunity to order and use promotional golf items. Corporate logo golf balls are a common item. Something truly unique for those present would be a golf kit in a bag that holds everything one could need under the sun - from caps and visors, to sunscreen. You won't be forgotten long after the golf tournament ends when you give away promotional merchandise like this. Golf promotional items can appeal to an audience in a wide income range. Promotional magnets may seem like a little item, but they can go far in making your company name remembered. Most people place magnets on refrigerators. How often is a refrigerator door opened each day or night? Magnets made to hold grocery or shopping lists are a perfect way to continually advertise your product in homes.

An umbrella is a unique promotional item, yet a very effective one. People love getting free gifts, especially useful ones, and what is more useful than an umbrella? Along with being the perfect way to advertise your product or business outdoors in rainy weather. While someone may not glance up at a billboard in the rain, one will potentially see an umbrella being carried. Especially in areas where there tends to be a lot of rainfall, think of the impact an umbrella with your company logo will have on all who see it? These promotional umbrellas can be strategically designed to make sure your logo is placed in just the right spot to be seen when the umbrella is opened.

Auto products are big promotional items. What better way to have your company logo seen every day than with auto promotional products? From custom license plate frames to car mats, your company's logo will be impacted on others. These promotional items can be useful for a car dealership, especially. One unique idea is a promotional auto emergency kit. These can be given to employees, business partners, and customers of your services. Because auto kits with a logo are often seen as luxury items, your staff and others will feel rewarded receiving these emergency kits. Everyone should have an emergency auto kit in their vehicles, and it will be a reminder to those who receive them that your company is a caring and concerned company. Promotional auto window shades and ice scrapers are great ideas, too. The ice scraper could be part of an emergency kit, or given away on it's own. These make great little promotional merchandise giveaways at trade shows and fairs or festivals where a booth is located.

Along with pens and clocks, another promotional item used daily in homes and in the workforce are calenders. From wall to desktop, for business or home scheduling purposes, a promotional calender brings results. If you are undecided as to which item(s) will make the best investment, there are several reasons why a calender may be the right choice. It's one of the most functional items for those who need to plan their week or month in advance, or just need to mark a reminder of an event occurring on a certain day. A promotional calender is a wonderful idea for keeping your company alive 365 days at a stretch. It's a year long advertisement for your product or business. With a promotional calender, you can decide what company or product images you want shown each month. With all the room a calender can provide there's no reason you can't fill in your phone number or website address, or have special offers available for certain months. It can be a business tool as well as an image reminder. A daily planning calender for the desk allows you to choose an image with your logo for each day of the year. And there are so many choices as to which type of calender can work, depending on your company. For businesses in the food industry, recipe calenders are often popular with customers.

What comes in all sorts of colors, designs and sizes? Promotional bags, of course. Functional, they also serve a twofold purpose of promoting your business while being useful to those who receive them. Whether plastic or cloth, bags are reusable, which gives them an edge for those environmentally conscious consumers. Another benefit is they can hold other promotional merchandise being distributed with the bags. Tote or shopping bags are popular today because of their durability and the fact that they can substitute for plastic grocery bags. Many grocery and drug stores today give away or sell at a low cost promotional reusable shopping bags. Some even offer a discount each time the bag is used again in the store. This is an excellent way of using a promotional item to keep customers returning to your place of business. Promotional bags are highly visible, which lends credibility to the company name imprinted on them. The more frequently a logo is seen on shopping bags, the better the impact on those who see it. Promotional bags given along with promotional pens and pencils and key chains or other small items makes people feel as if they've received a goody bag full of useful items.

Promotional tools and flashlights are other functional giveaways, or items that can be sold at various venues to promote your business. A promotional key chain flashlight combination uses two effective items together. This idea is especially good for those who leave for work in the early morning hours when it's still dark, or leave work when the sun has gone down. Being able to see while opening your car or home or office door is not a problem with a key chain style flashlight. Tools with a company's logo can be used at home or in the workplace. Box cutters, tape measures, and multi-function tools are all welcome promotional gifts. Pocket flashlights with a company's logo are perfect for home, work, auto, camping, and hiking. They can be kept in a drawer for emergencies, or in a glove compartment for the same purpose. Or they can easily slip in to a purse or pocket, always handy and within reach.

Key chains as promotional items are always popular, especially when combined when a useful key chain object, such as a small promotional key chain size tape measure, pen light, or coin holder. And with a multi-purpose promotional key chain, your company name will be seen whether someone is pulling it out for a key or a handy tape measure. Giving away key chains at trade shows is a great marketing device as this promotional item will make it's way in to people's homes every day. Your brand will be seen and remembered every time someone reaches for their house keys, office keys, or car keys, reinforcing your company's image. Key chains are inexpensive and lightweight, another advantage because you have an item people can take and easily put in their pockets.

Badges and lanyards also make great promotional items. Badges can include not only the company's logo but the wearer's name. This identifies the person with the business, giving it the advantage of being personalized and professional at the same time. They are easy to customize and design, making them high cost effective. A corporate logo lanyard holding an employee i.d. shows that the person is, indeed, connected to the company. These promotional badges and lanyards can be worn daily in the workplace by those in need of identification badges for their place of employment.

Promotional mugs practically speak for themselves, which they do. With a corporate logo imprinted on them, they are the perfect gift for employees to use either in the office or at home. When given away at trade shows or other venues, they bring your logo and company into the homes of the receivers of these items. When one uses the mug for morning coffee or afternoon tea, your logo is seen and this creates product awareness for your company. Considering how many mugs of coffee are poured each morning these promotional mugs can go far as advertising tools.

Food products as promotional products are always welcome by consumers. Who doesn't need to eat? These promotional items usually come in the form of free samples for consumers to try. With rising grocery costs today, free samples of promotional food products are welcome as they give consumers a chance to try to product first before spending money. This has a psychological advantage in that consumers tend to buy something if they are able to try it free beforehand. Larger food products can be given as promotional corporate gifts. These include gift and food baskets. Food products in some categories, such as candy or mints, can be displayed in a bowl or jar with a corporate logo for visitors in a company lobby or other place of business. Giving candy or mints in a logo imprinted container that can be used time and again also makes sense, considering how quickly candy disappears. Once eaten, it's gone, but the lovely container remains to be refilled time and again. These promotional items also make a nice touch for visitors or customers to one's business or company. Cellophane wrapping on individual candies can also display a corporate logo, or it can be imprinted directly on items such as gumballs or chocolates. Personalized gum or mints will be used even after a trade show has ended.

Widespread exposure is possible through use of some branded food products, as many, such as coffee, tea, or even wine, are rarely enjoyed alone. When others ask where someone got the wine, what better way to bring up your corporation's name and get discussions started?

In grocery stores, in store sampling has been found to increase product sales, at least initially after the sampling. Brand awareness is the key here, as someone who has tried something and found it good is more willing to purchase the item while in the store.

Promotional merchandise is a way to make your business or company visible to others. It offers a unique way to advertise and market your product(s) or brand. Companies who take advantage of promotional items enjoy more brand awareness and greater sales. It is a highly cost effective method to increase revenue, and keep your company's name out there. From trade shows, to corporate gift giving, or free samples to consumers and business customers and partners, promotional products is one of the most effective ways to advertise.

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